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Alien call signs


Calls given by frogs/toads can be useful in identifying aliens.  Below are the calls of five non-native species.  Our native common frog and common toad breed early in the spring and do not have very loud calls.  The alien species, on the other hand, breed in late spring or early summer and call loudly at this time as well as sporadically through the warmer months of the year.

To hear the calls of some amphibian aliens, click on the appropriate icons below. To learn more about alien species, use the menu to the left to navigate to the appropriate page.

(A) Edible frog If you are unable to listen to the sound files, click here to install the appropriate plugin, thank you.
(B) Marsh frog
(C) Pool frog
(D) Midwife toad
(E) Bullfrog

The calls on this website have been kindly provided by Helen Muir-Howie, Julia Wycherley and ARC.